Look at all eindoms features and get a feel for how much money and hours you can save.


Scalability with multiple tenants and companies


Automatic data retrieval on your tenants

Unlimited users

Add unlimited of users


Perfect overview of your property management

Moving statement

Automatic creation of moving statement

Regulation of company leases

It is possible to set both a minimum and/or maximum percentage limit

Import data from UNIK

Upload files and we will automatically create all your tenants, leases and properties

Consumption accounts

Easily create a spending account for your tenants

Leasing (A10)

Use your standard A10 lease on all your tenants

List of arrears

Get a quick overview of all your tenant’s arrears

Data in the cloud

Secure your data in the cloud, so you can gather all your documents in one place.

Finance withdrawals

Extract Excel documents on a single tenant or an entire company

Digital signature

Integrated MitID signing of leases

Reminder Flow

Assistant reminder flow, for the formation of demands


Send messages to all your tenants individually or all of them

DomuSpect moving inspection

Integration with DomuSpect so it is easy to make move-in/move-out reports

Automatic regulation of rent

Automatic regulation of rent with Nettoprisindekset

Automatic accounting

Automatic accounting with e-conomic, Dinero & Microsoft Business Central

Automatic collections and payments

Automatic registration of your collections and payments, with Betalingsservice or MobilePay

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